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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

The idea for Fishing Tips Techniques started a couple of years ago when i was searching the internet for new methods to improve my fishing.
I was frustrated at the apparent lack of fishing tips and information websites that had all i needed in one place, so i started to research the idea for this site.

I am not an expert at fishing, websites or writing, but i have never been someone who lets lack of knowledge hold me back.
That said, i have been fishing for over thirty years, involved in websites for three years and can write a letter so how hard could be?. That was a mistake "a little knowledge is dangerous".

Its probably true to say if i had known what was involved at the outset i would probably not have started. 
Anyway, before you is the result of my hard work, the site still has a long way to go before its finished, but its a start and i am continuing to add new content all the time.

Please ask a question and i will try to answer within 24hrs, do you have some ideas for my site? or do you have some fishing tips or advise you would like to share?. If so please send them to me and i will try to include them.


                                         All feed back welcome good or bad.


    New Features  

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Fishing Tips Techniques


Sea and Fly Fishing Tips

Tips and techniques to help with your Sea and Fly fishing.


Fishery Finder

A comprehensive guide to fisheries across the country.


Fishery Rater

Rate your local fishery.


Shop Rater

Rate your local tackle shop.


New Tackle

We let you know about the latest tackle.


Tackle Reviews

We will review the tackle

your buying.


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   Swim of the  month


Email me your favourite swim and tell me why?

Maybe you caught your PB from it?


Your best match weight?


Your first of a species?


Or just a cracking looking swim?


We will choose one each month and post it here.


So email me at


Sponsors wanted for prizes, interested then please get in touch.

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