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Feeder Fishing For Coarse fish

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A basic feeder rig for coarse fish

This basic feeder rig is suitable for most types of feeders and will catch most coarse fish

, roach, bream, tench ect.


You will need:

  1. Small or micro swivel.

  2. Small rubber bead.

  3. Cage, block end or open end feeder.

  4. Hooklink 1.5lb up to 4lb depending on your quarry and main line.

  5. Hooks, Size will depend on your quarry, your chosen bait and hooklink.  

Pass your main line though the eye or swivel on the feeder and then though a rubber bead and tie on your small swivel using a blood knot. Then make up your hook link, start with around 3 foot of hooklink and tie your chosen hook to one end then tie a small loop to the other end. Pass the loop though the empty eye of your small swivel and then the hook though the loop and pull gently. 


More rigs coming soon: 



  • For convenience you may want to attach a snap swivel or quick link to your feeder which makes it much easier to change without having to brake down the whole rig.


  • If your bait is disappearing or your bait is sucked out with no bite indication, shorten your hook link. But if you are not getting bites and your sure there are fish in the swim, lengthen your hook link.



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