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Fishing Tips

The straight waggler

Waggler is a common term used for a float which is fixed at the bottom only and they come in various styles two of which can be used for the basic setup detailed below.


The Straight Waggler is probably the most common and versatile of floats suitable for still and slow moving waters.
The Insert Waggler is a variation on the straight waggler with a thin inserted tip allowing for colour changes to the tip of the float and more delicate setting of the float.


Both are available loaded, this means they already have weight added to cock the float or unloaded, this means no weight has been added. A loaded waggler will need to be locked to the line with either a float adapter, float stops or small split shot, but the unloaded waggler will need to be locked by the bulk shot.

Fishing Floats types and uses


Some straight wagglers

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