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There are various types of reel used for float fishing. Below you will find some examples and a brief description.

Fixed spool reel

By far the most popular of reels for float and general fishing, the fixed spool reel comes in many different styles and sizes and will depend on budget, type of water, species and matching to your rod. Expect to pay from forty for a reasonable and a hundred pounds plus for a realy good quality reel.



Centre pin  
Used by the more experienced angler, the centre pin reel is probably one of the most pleasurable ways to catch fish. Don't let me put you off using one, but it will take a lot of practice to master. They start at around hundred pounds for a good reel, this is because there is some precision craftsmanship that goes into making a centre pin. More associated with trotting on rivers, but can be very efficient for float fishing still waters too, in the right hands.




Closed face reel  
Originally designed for river trotting, this reel gives the angler finger tip precision due to a button on the face of the reel to release the line (no bail arm). Normally used with lighter line than most fixed spool reels and with less capacity. It is an angler friendly reel and because the line is closed in behind the spool casing, line is less likely to get damaged or blow of the spool in strong winds. Will cost you from around fifty pounds upwards.

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