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  Float Fishing For Carp
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The lift method for carp

The lift method is a popular way to float fish for carp, especially when fishing close in.


You will need:


             1. A short peacock waggler or similar.

             2. A small piece of silicone tube or float rubber that fits snug on the bottom of the float.

             3. Some large split shot SSG, AAA or BB.

             4. Hook size 6 to 10 depending the bait you intend to use.

             5. A mainline of 6 to 10 lb.


Pass your mainline through the piece of silicone tube or float rubber, then push the bottom of your float into it. see image

Next tie on your hook with a blood knot to the end of your mainline and gently squeeze one or two split shot on your line about 6 inches or so from it, you must have enough shot to sink your float. Set your float so its slightly over depth by sliding the float up or down the line.

Now cast out, sink your line by tightening it whilst your rod tip is under water. Play out a little line so you can place your rod on the rests, this prevents the float being dragged out of position. Then adjust your float so that tip gives good visibility, to do this slowly tighten or slacken the line.


You will normally get two types of bites with this setup, your float will either slide away or lift and lay flat on the surface hence lift method, both are an indication that a fish has taken your bait so strike.



If there are fish in your swim but your not getting proper bites, try lengthening the distance from the shot to the hook. Don't forget to slide your float up the same amount though.




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