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Float Fishing For Perch

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I will be adding more rigs soon. But if you don't find what you are looking for then Ask a Question.

Basic Waggler for Perch

This Basic float rig is good for perch on still and slow flowing waters.



You will need:


           1. A straight or insert waggler (2BB+ to 2AAA+ depending on distance required).

           2. A selection of split shot BB or AAA, no8 or no6.

           3. Mainline for the reel of between 3lb & 6lb.

           4. Hook size 12 - 10 depending on bait.

           5. A plummet.


Pass your line through the eye of the float so you have about 2.5 - 3 feet to the end of your line. Now place one split shot either side of the float, these should be the size written on the float, place the line in the slot of the split shot and squeeze gently or you will damage the line. Next tie your hook to the end of the line using a blood knot, for whole lobworm use a size 8 - 6, chopped worm and maggot size 10 - 12. 

Now we need to find the depth, attach the plummet to the hook and cast past the area you wish to fish.

Pull the float back towards you, stopping at the area you will be fishing. Play out some line so it lays slack on the water surface:


          1. If your float is not visible then you need to slide your float away from your hook.

          2. If your float is visible then you need to slide your float towards your hook.


The ideal amount of float showing is personal, but in calm conditions should be no more than one to one and a half inches See image.


Ok, now we need to make sure that we have 4 - 6" of line laid on the bottom, so simply slide the split shot above your float 4 - 6" up your line, then slide the float and lastly the other split shot up to meet it.

You may need to loosen the shot before you slide them, but make sure you squeeze them gently again to lock them.


Now add the dropper shot so that the first is around mid water and the other is about 6" below that.

If your using a 2BB+ use two no 8s, 2AAA+ use two no 6s, you should experiment with this to find the ideal position.

For example:

If your fishing deep water you can go smaller with the dropper shot so that you can add more shot evenly spaced , otherwise it will tangle on the cast.


keep as much of the bottom section of your line free of shot as you can, so the Perch feels less resistance when it picks up the bait.



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