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Basic float rig for Pike

This is a basic float rig for pike using dead baits, suitable for still waters and slow to medium flowing rivers.

For this setup you will need:


              1. A sliding Pike float, pencil or similar.

              2. Stop knot material, a piece of line about 8" long.

              3. Two rubber beads.

              4. An in line ball or bullet lead.

              5. Dead bait Pike trace with two size 8 treble hooks, single or semi barbed.

              6. Mainline of 10 - 12lb.



If you are new to Pike fishing please buy your traces, for the safety of the Pike the rigs must be made correctly.

I will show you how to make safe Pike rigs soon.


Start by passing your mainline through, a rubber bead,  your float from top to bottom, then through the ball lead and lastly the second rubber bead.

Now with a blood or Palomar knot attach the trace by tying your mainline to the trace swivel, always test your knots but be careful of the treble hooks and don't kink the wire trace.

Finally tie a stop knot, using the piece of line, above the float at the approximate depth and test.


I normally fish slightly over depth so the pike feels less resistance on the initial pickup. This is also useful when fishing on a flowing river, fish over depth so a bow forms between your float and the lead, this will help stop your float being pulled under by the current.

See  Hooking dead baits   






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