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How To Float Fish   

Float fishing is an often neglected way of fishing, which is surprising considering the amount of quality fish that can be caught using this method.
All beginners should become proficient at float fishing before moving on to other disciplines, in my opinion.
Float fishing basically is a method by which a float is used to get your bait to your chosen spot and then act as an bite indicator. The basic principal of fixing a float to your line is almost the same for most types of floats, but with subtle differences.

There are many different types of floats for many different conditions and situations. Above you will find the categories, Coarse, Carp, Pike and Perch. Then for each of these there is one or two basic float setups with diagrams and list of items you will need.

I will be adding to these as time goes on, but if you don't find what you are looking for then contact me and i will be pleased to help.



Basic Float Fishing Setup

Float fishing is suitable for all coarse fish.

You will need two bank sticks, one rubber screw in butt rest and one float rod rest.

Keep the rod tip as close to the water as possible, this reduces the effect of wind on your line. Height from the ground is personal but keep it as low as possible but comfortable for striking. A float rod can be from 9 to 15 feet in length, depending on species and situation. For a beginner start with around 9 feet for a youngster and 12 feet for an adult. The basic setup will look something like this  See image. 







I will be adding to this section in the future but in the mean time if your require any more information please contact me.

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Now select a species for basic rigs.

Coarse   Carp   Pike   Perch


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