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Fishing Tips

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Bank stick
Bite Alarm
Bite Indicator
Hair Rig

Hair Stop

Hook Link
Landing Net
Quick Link
Ready Made Rig
Rod Rest
Rubber Bead
Safety Clip
Snap / Link Swivel
Split Shot
Tail Rubber
Unhooking Mat

Stainless steel or aluminium stick, threaded at one end for rod rest or bite alarm.
Electronic device that sounds an alarm to indicate a bite.
Clips or hangs on the line as a visual indication of a bite.
Hand tool to aid unhooking of fish.
Small container which is filled with bait or ground bait and when cast out deposits contents in swim.
Buoyant device attached to line to aid casting and indicate a bite.
Small loop with a tail connected to a hook that bait is threaded onto.
Type of rig comprising of a hair, hook, hook link material and usually a swivel that’s then connected to the mainline.
Small device which is passed though the hair to stop the bait  sliding off. Various types, dumbbell, spear, meat, paste etc
Curved device with a sharp point used to hook the fish many patterns can be barbed or barbless.
Material used to connect hook to mainline.
Net used to lift fish from the water, many styles and sizes.
Line stored on reel.
Clip that can be attached to line or a swivel to aid quick and easy changing of feeders, ledgers and rigs.
Term used to describe a shop bought purpose made rig,
Winding device used to store and retrieve line. Used with a rod for casting.
Carbon or fibreglass pole with eyes spread down the length and a reel seat at one end.
Device which pushed into the ground to rest your rod on.
Small rubber ball with a hole through the centre used as a buffer to protect knots.
Plastic sliding clip to attach ledgers, swivels, feeders etc which will release them if snagged up.
Swivel with a clip attached to aid quick and easy changing of feeders, ledgers and rigs.
Small round weights with a slot that are squeezed onto line to cock floats, act as a stop or sink the line.
Device which allows to lines, or other objects to revolve independently so they don’t twist up.
Slides over end of safety clip to retain ledger or feeder etc.
A piece of padded material which is laid on the ground, fish are placed on it when unhooking them.


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