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     Ledgering for Barbel

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Basic Barbel Rig

Simplicity is the key, only change or complicate rigs if they don't work. 

You will need:


               1. Ledger

               2. Quick link

               3. Big eyed swivel

               4. Rubber bead

               5. Strong swivel 20-30lb

               6. 10lb supple braid hook link with Size 8 or 10 barbed hook (unless fishery or club specify barbless)

                   tied with a knotless knot.


Pass your main line through the big eyed swivel, attach the quick link and the ledger. Then slide on the rubber bead and tie on the strong swivel using a polamar knot. Next take your hook link and attach with a polamar knot to the other end of the strong swivel See image.


More rigs coming soon.




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