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Ledgering for Coarse Fish

A basic Coarse ledgering rig

This basic ledgering rig will catch most types of coarse fish including Chub, tench, roach etc.


You will need:


         1. Small or micro swivel or ledger stop.

         2. Small ledger (1/4 to 1/2 oz bomb)

         3. Rubber bead.

         4. Hooklink (1.5lb - 5lb depending on species and situation)

         5. Hook (size 18 - 10 depending on bait and species)


Pass your mainline through the ledger and then the rubber bead and attach the swivel using a blood knot (the rubber bead protects the knot from being damaged by the ledger). Next tie your hook to your hooklink using a blood knot then tie a loop in the other end (make your hooklink about 18" long to start with). Finally pass the loop through the other end of the swivel and pass the hook end through the loop and pull gently until tight.

As an alternative, you can use your mainline straight through to the hook by using a ledgerstop.

Pass your mainline through your ledger then through your ledgerstop. Insert the wedge of the stop into the collar from the ledger side, this prevents the ledger knocking the wedge out. You may also use the rubber bead if you wish but its not absolutely necessary (its always best to keep your rigs as simple as possible, less parts less to go wrong).

Lastly tie on your hook using a blood knot and adjust the length of the hooklink by loosening the ledgerstop and sliding up or down.



  • For convenience you may want to attach a snap swivel or quick link to your ledger which makes it much easier to change without having to brake down the whole rig.


  • If your bait is disappearing or your bait is sucked out with no bite indication, shorten your hook link. But if you are not getting bites and your sure there are fish in the swim, try lengthening your hook link.

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