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Basic Pike ledgering rig

This basic Pike ledgering rig is suitable for dead baits only.


You will need:


                 1. Inline ledger

                 2. Strong size 8 swivel (some ready made traces use this swivel)

                 3. Wire trace with two size 8 treble hooks with one barb on each (these go in the dead bait)

                 4. Mainline of 12lb


If you are new to Pike fishing please buy your traces, for the safety of the Pike the rigs must be made correctly.

I will show you how to make safe Pike rigs soon.


Pass your mainline though the inline ledger, sleeve end first. Then attach the mainline to the swivel of your trace using a polamar knot.

See  Hooking dead baits 


I will adding more rigs soon, if in the mean time you need advice something not listed please ask a question



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