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How To Pole Fish   

Pole fishing has become extremely popular over the years especially with match anglers, with huge weights being caught using this method. It is also a excellent starter method particulary with younger anglers, no reel makes fishing far easier for a beginner. Pole fishing basically is a method by which a long pole, most of which are made from carbon is used to ship your float rig out into your swim. There is no casting as such involved, the float rig can be held in position which enables the angler to present the bait far more accurately than normal float fishing. The pole is loaded with elastic which does most the work when playing fish, this means much lighter lines and tackle can be used.

I will be adding to these as time goes on, but if you don't find what you are looking for then contact me and i will be pleased to help.

Basic Pole Fishing Setup


This basic pole fishing setup is suitable for all coarse fish except pike.

Get yourself a seat box or fishing stool without arms, seat backs and arms will just get in the way. One front roller and one rear roller, for telescopic poles or short one piece poles the rollers wont be required. If your rollers are not free standing then you will require a bank stick.

The basic setup will look something like this. See Image

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